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Hire the patent agent who knows the government’s process for issuing patents inside and out.

Michael Priddy worked for the US Patent and Trademark Office and knows how to drive your patent application quickly through approval so you can protect your idea.


MP Patents makes patent protection easy and cost effective for companies and individual inventors

    Experience Sets Us Apart

    With 16 years of experience, including 10 years at the USPTO, we have conducted thousands of searches and issued over 400 patents. We’ll help protect your inventions.

    10 Years at USPTO

    Michael’s 10 years as Patent Examiner at USPTO has given him the experience to execute your patent application efficiently, saving you time and money.

    Thousands Of Patent Searches

    Conducted thousands of patentability searches. We will advise you if your idea is patentable.

    400+ Patents Issued

    Issued 400+ patents. We’re going to get it done right the first time.

    16+ Years Experience

    We leverage 16+ years patent experience to drive your application to approval.

    Patent Specialist

    Patent Agents do not handle litigation. We spend all our time working on your patent, not in the courtroom.

    Engineering Background

    Engineering background allows us to understand your invention and draft ironclad patents that protect your idea.

    Multi-Industry Experience

    We’ve worked with patents in just about every industry.

    Personalized Service

    Strategic Counseling to walk you through every step of the process. Michael provides personalized expert guidance.

    Why Choose Michael Priddy, Patent Agent

    Michael Exclusively Practices Patent Protection

    Unlike patent attorneys, patent agents do not represent clients in court proceedings or prepare legal documents unrelated to patents. Patent agents are solely focused on obtaining patent protection.

    Patent Agents, like Patent Attorneys, have passed the Patent Bar through the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

    Michael’s extensive experience as a Patent Examiner earned him a waiver of the U.S. Patent Bar Examination. Michael nevertheless challenged the Patent Bar Exam in 2011 and passed on his first attempt.

    He is registered with the USPTO and licensed to secure patents on behalf of his clients.

    Patent agents are required to have an education in technical subjects like engineering science. 

    Michael earned a B.S. in Engineering Science and Mechanics from Virginia Tech concentrating in biomedical engineering. He also earned a B.S. in Mathematics from Metropolitan State University of Denver focusing on theoretical mathematics. Michael’s technical qualifications help him serve a diverse set of industries and patent seekers.

    Our Services

    Patent Preparation and Prosecution

    MP Patents prepares, files and prosecutes provisional and non-provisional utility patents. We also secure design patents and when needed, facilitate foreign protection through foreign patent agents.

    Strategic Consulting

    MP Patents offers consulting on patent strategy and tactics, helping you determine what type of patent best fits your innovation. We offer insights into competitor patent portfolios.

    Patent Search

    MP Patents searches patent and technical publications to evaluate if your invention is patentable and whether it will stand up in the event of potential litigation.

    Ongoing Support

    MP Patents will appeal unjust patentability decisions to the Patent Trial and Appeal Board, if necessary. We support your defense against any validity challenges.

    USPTO Rocky Mountain Regional Office in Denver, CO

    Locations We Serve

    Our main office is located in startup hotpot Boulder, CO near the Denver Regional Office of the United States Patent and Trademark Office. We serve clients throughout Colorado and the entire United States. We can facilitate international patent protection through foreign patent agents. We are happy to meet in person or remotely.

    A few examples of the U.S. patents we’ve obtained

    What it’s like working with MP Patents

    Austin Patzwahl
    Austin Patzwahl
    This was my first time getting involved in the Patent Application process. Michael was incredibly informative regarding how the process works and provided several super helpful expert opinions, influencing how I will move forward with the Patent. I fully intend on working with him more in the future.
    Jeff Naylor
    Jeff Naylor
    Michael Priddy and his team at MP Patents are top notch. From the very first phone consultation, I was impressed. Very professional and friendly. Mr. Priddy kept me informed on the process and made it very easy. Over the span of one year, I was confident I chose the right firm to pursue my patent.
    Sonny Hayes
    Sonny Hayes
    During my 48 years of working for a large Japanese automotive company I have had the opportunity to work with many talented professionals. I discovered Mike Priddy of MP Patents, LLC during the development phase of a very unique project. additive. It was a material that could be added to drilling mud for the oil & gas industry. This additive allowed radio waves to be carried through the mud for very high speed communication, data & command links. I carried this similar technology to be applied to highway stripe paint for smart highways. We were awarded a patent US10959071B1 in what I thought was record time. Mike structured the patent and patent language in such a manner that the patent office review team could easily understand our technology and its application. Any engineer or non-engineer seeking to patent their ideas I highly recommend Mike Priddy without hesitation, he exemplifies professionalism. His devotion and attention to detail allowed this patent to be awarded after less than 2 years of process. Leo Hayes, CTO, Hayes Advance R & D, LLC, Colorado.
    River Electro-Optics
    River Electro-Optics
    Enjoyed working with Michael. This was my first expereience with completing a Provisionsl Patent Application. I felt confident and comfortable in his ability to understand and convey the proper format and language for a successful application. I received my USPTO receipt quickly and without issues! I plan to use his services for the Non-Provisional Applicatin soon.
    Karen Hontz
    Karen Hontz
    Michael was very cordial in offering his expertise on the patent process. He answered all my questions in a timely, and professional manner. I know what my next step will be to make my invention patentable now. In my quest to find just the right person to hire, Michael has impressed me more than several patent attorneys I have spoken to. I will definitely turn to him when I'm ready to patent my refined invention.
    Michael Mercandetti
    Michael Mercandetti
    I found Michael Priddy after an extensive search online looking for a reliable patent lawyer and speaking with several firms. I am very pleased with my decision to work with him for my patents. He is incredibly professional, diligent, straight forward and honest. I will be working with him again in the near future and I would recommend him to anyone looking into obtaining a patent or utilizing any other service he may provide.
    Joe Grossman
    Joe Grossman
    The free consultation was very informative with no pressure. Michael clearly is extremely knowledgeable. He was focused and communicated clearly and to the point.

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