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MP Patents, LLC is committed to protecting your patent interests and providing excellent, personal service throughout the patent process.

People sometimes ask about the difference between patent agents and patent attorneys. Like patent attorneys, patent agents must have an engineering or science degree and pass the patent bar to legally represent clients before the United States Patent and Office where both perform the same tasks. Unlike many patent attorneys, patent agents specialize in obtaining patent protection and do not represent clients in court proceedings or prepare legal documents unrelated to patents.

While Michael’s extensive experience as a Patent Examiner earned him a waiver of the U.S. Patent Bar Examination, Michael nevertheless challenged the Patent Bar Exam in 2011 and passed on his first attempt.

Experience at the USPTO

Michael Served 10 years as Patent Examiner at the USPTO. His experience reviewing and approving patents enables him to prepare and prosecute effective patent applications and provide expert advice to save you time and money.

Technical Background

Michael earned a B.S. in Engineering Science and Mechanics from Virginia Tech concentrating in biomedical engineering. He also earned a B.S. in Mathematics from Metropolitan State University of Denver focusing on theoretical mathematics. Michael’s technical qualifications help him serve a diverse set of industries.

Patent Consulting and Strategy

MP Patents, LLC will help you determine whether patent protection is the best option for your invention and business goals. If so, he will formulate a patent strategy to position your patent application for approval with a prominent yet valid scope of protection.

Affordable Patent Protection

MP Patents takes pride in delivering carefully-considered patent search, preparation and prosecution at reasonable rates.

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