MP Patents prepares, files and prosecutes provisional and non-provisional utility patents as well as design patents in the U.S. and can also facilitate foreign protection through foreign patent agents.

  • The application, prepared from your responses to questions in an Invention Disclosure Form, other descriptive materials and visual representations, includes a detailed description of the invention, associated drawings/figures and appropriate USPTO forms.  MP Patents, LLC will share the completed application with you for review before submission.  The first revision is included.
  • Once approved, the application will be filed electronically through the USPTO online filing system and an Electronic Acknowledgement Receipt will be available immediately.  Application pendency begins on the filing date of the application and entitles the applicant to asserting “Patent Pending” status.  Within about a week of the filing, the USPTO will send an Official Receipt reflecting the finding that there are no formal matters to prevent examination of the application on its patentable merits.  When the application is filed electronically with a registered account, it is possible to track the application status.
  • Prosecution, which is considered to open as of the filing of the application refers to correspondence between the Applicant (or practitioner acting on behalf of the Applicant) and the USPTO Commissioner (on behalf of whom a Patent Examiner is acting).  The Patent Examiner will issue correspondence reflecting the findings on the application’s patentability.  In the event the Patent Examiner makes one or more rejections, MP Patents, LLC will protect your right to patent your invention by arguing the rejections are improper, modifying the application to avoid the rejections and/or working with the Patent Examiner.  If no rejections are made, the Patent Examiner will send a Notice of Allowance inviting the Applicant to issue the application as a patent by submitting an Issue Fee.  As part of the prosecution service, MP Patents, LLC can seamlessly submit the Issue Fee, the associated form and, when issued about 4 weeks later, forward the certified copy of the patent.